Jen is a DHS Class of 2012 senior model for our studio and a really beautiful model at that! We had a blast getting her hair and make up done at Hair Fusion – the ladies there are so great! We headed outside – into the wind of course, as that seems to be the norm these days. Jen had a beautiful coral dress that just happened to be the same color as one of my favorite brick walls, so we headed out for the wall, meeting up with one of Jen’s friends along the way. My husband, Matt, taught Jen’s friend, Taylor, how to hold the reflector, so we once again had an entourage: Jen, myself, Matt, Taylor, and Jen’s mom, Evelyn. We laughed the whole time and I just love every shot we got! We used the courtyard at St. Marks and then headed over to the river since it was such a beautiful green color. There was a gorgeous tree that had just blossomed right by the river and Matt shot the image that made into this sneak preview of Jen with that tree – nice, huh!? Then we finished at the studio with the always favorite lying-down-hair-spread-out shot. LOVE!