Jessie is a Class of 2011 senior at Durango High School. She is also my “assistant”. She’s made it into a few of my blog posts – perhaps you read the one about her using the reflector one handed because she had injured her shoulder and was about to go into surgery. I was so impressed. For those of you who have held a reflector – you know they are like kites when it gets windy and are really difficult to fold up until you get the hang of it – and Jessie did both – with one arm! Well, she’s healing and was able to take her sling off for her portraits, although she kept her arm in the sling position and there were a few poses she just couldn’t do because she couldn’t lift her arm very high. However, we had a great time! As you can see, Jessie is just beautiful! We ran around to a few placed in town – even getting to use the cherry blossom trees that have started to bloom for a backdrop or two – yay spring! It snowed the next day, but hey, it’s Colorado. Check out the last image in this post – we used our radio poppers (on the right side of the image) to give Jessie a hair light and edge light to separate her from the tunnel – cool huh! I hope you love these few of my faves!