Claire is one of our Class of 2012 Models from Durango High School. She came to her model session prepared with her entire closet (just kidding, she brought just the right amount of options) and she had the cutest shoes for each outfit. I’ve been on a shoe hunt for a while now and every pair Claire put on seemed like just the pair I’d been looking for – it’s a good thing we don’t wear the same shoe size or I’d be asking to borrow her shoes. We had a great time at the salon getting Claire’s hair and make up done – it was Bayfield’s prom so we got to watch all the BHS girls getting ready. Claire was the perfect model, even posting status updates to Facebook about her session as she was getting ready! It was windy outside, of course, so we headed up the block to shoot on a wall not being blasted by the wind. This particular wall had great bricks, stucco, wooden doors, and stairs so it became a great 4 in 1 backdrop. Then Claire’s mom suggested Sacred Heart Catholic Church, which I had never photographed at, so we headed over. It was such a great location! There was moss on the rock walls and wrought iron railings. Then we went to the river and back to the studio. Claire had a super cute pair of “holy” jeans that we had to use, so we ended with those. I hope you love these few of my faves!