Tevan is one of Class of 2012 Durango High School Senior Models and I wish I had her hair! She is just gorgeous – beautiful skin and like I said, beautiful (super thick) hair. Her hair and make up took 2 hours at Hair Fusion because her hair is so thick – it actually took 2 stylists to do her hair! And, she had even had it thinned just before! It was so worth the wait though – I love the portraits we got! It was pretty windy outside, but that ended up being fun as Tevan’s hair was heavy enough to mostly stay down and just blow about a little (I’ll stop talking about her hair now).

We started downtown at the red doors I mentioned in Kyle Down’s blog post as Tevan had her zebra prom dress with bright red ribbon and heels. Right as we started shooting the wind picked up and I got this awesome shot with Tevan in the doorway with her hair blowing and I love it! Not a traditional senior portrait for the walls at home, but so fun for the model session!

Then we headed out north to the clubhouse at Dalton Ranch for a brand new shooting location. We discovered this small section of rust colored wall and it became an amazing backdrop with Tevan’s hair and eyes – I think that one is my ultimate favorite.

We came back to the studio to finish up and I finally used my patterned black and white backdrop and I love that portrait too. Tevan had seen images of our from past sessions with our models lying on the floor with their hair spread out around their faces and wanted to do that, so of course I love that one as well, since obviously I am a fan of Tevan’s hair (I never did stop talking about it, did I?). Hope you love these too!