Melanie is a Class of 2012 senior model for us and a student at Durango High School. She squeezed in her model session on a Monday – between school and tennis practice. We met at Hair Fusion and did fun curls for her hair and pretty glam make up – so she looked amazing not only for her model session, but for her tennis practice! 🙂 The adventure of the day occurred when her car alarm started going off and wouldn’t stop. A nice man came out of the building we were parked in front of and after he finished yelling at us, he helped us fix the alarm problem – we were very thankful! Other than that, we had a blast, running around town finding new locations and finally shooting at Mama’s Boy (I’ve always wanted to and we just never make it – there are so many other wonderful locations). They have a gorgeous cherry blossom tree out front and I love the earth tones and architecture of the building. Thanks for such a fun session Melanie, I hope you love these few of my faves!