Emily is another of our Class of 2012 senior models and a student at Durango High School. I have been waiting to photograph Emily since she was a freshman after my husband told me about her as he had her in class. We’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know the Barney family a little and we just love them! Anne, Emily’s mom, is hilarious and she loves to call my husband by my last name instead of his own, so he is officially Matt Ragsdale. Emily is such a natural beauty and her hair and makeup from Hair Fusion just added to it. She showed up in adorable boots that I just couldn’t wait to photograph and she had put so much thought into her outfits, they were all themed! It was so perfect! We even had the dogs brought downtown for a few portraits in a flowerbed and they were too cute. Then we headed into my favorite alley, with Emily in her “alley outfit” and the light was perfect! We even had some breeze blowing through to tousle Emily’s hair. Then, the “adventure” occurred. Something funny or adventurous always seems to happen on my sessions and this time, a gentleman on a motorcycle offered his bike for a prop in Emily’s portraits! He was fairly persistent, so Emily hopped on the bike! It actually made for some pretty cool portraits, if you ask me. Then we headed out to a “field” for some “cowgirl” portraits. We finished in the studio as I had to use Emily’s black lace top, you know how much I love lace! I hope you love these few of my faves!