Mattie and Sarah are Class of 2011 Seniors at Durango High School and they did their senior portrait session together. We had a blast together – starting in the studio with Sarah’s instruments and Mattie’s dance props. Then we headed over to the train station and used the museum, inside and out, and the train cars that weren’t being used. Mattie and Sarah have volunteered at the train A LOT, so we wanted to incorporate that part of their lives into their portraits. We then headed over to the river behind Nature’s O so we could use the fall colors and the water. It was a cloudy morning, so we had nice soft light. Mattie threw her flat around for a while and Sarah sat along the river’s edge with her instruments in their cases. Last, we stopped at the triangle park for a few swing portraits. These two were so great to work with and to photograph – I hope you love these few of my faves!