Kayla & Jamie are Class of 2011 Seniors at Bayfield High School and they did their senior portrait session together. I had sooo much fun photographing these two! They are absolutely hilarious and both so beautiful! I grew up in Bayfield and Conoco was the only gas station there while I was growing up, so that was always the meeting place. So obviously, I suggested we meet at Conoco at the start of their session and go from there. We wanted to shoot in Bayfield so we could head up to Beaver Meadows and use this aspen tree trunk that has all the Hoover family names carved into it. I loved the idea, and unfortunately, we ran out of day light. We made it out to Beaver Meadows and took a few portraits in the fading light, but didn’t manage to find the tree trunk – this time. We’ll try again – perhaps in the spring. There was already snow on the ground up there! Anyways – we shot for a while in Eagle Park, then walked up and down Mill Street for a while, finding fun fences, walls, and stairs for backdrops. Jamie brought her clarinet everywhere we went and it had to be in at least one pose per setting. Kayla had a neon outfit and the dilemma was finding an outdoor backdrop that didn’t clash with her neon colors. Well, as you can see from their portraits, we had a great time and got really portraits! Hope you love these!