Sarah is a Class of 2011 Senior at Grace Preparatory Academy here in Durango. She came in for her session on a cloudy day, so we started outside, just in case it started to rain on us. We used the fall colors – they were so pretty – and Sarah looked so pretty in her blues and purples that she brought to wear! She also brought her adorable dog -sooo cute! Sarah and I have our girlishness in common – we like skirts and heels – not so much into tree climbing – so we were scouting for good fall colors low to the ground. We used some of my favorite spots and found a few new ones, then headed back to the studio for a few more portraits. Nancy, Sarah’s mom, was on hair duty, so not only did she get to carry a hairbrush around the whole time, she was also in charge of blowing Sarah’s hair around with the fan when we got back to the studio. I love it – we spent all that time brushing Sarah’s hair into place, then we blew it around like crazy. Sarah and Nancy were really fun to work with and up for anything – I hope you love these!