Katie is one of our Class of 2012 Senior Models at Durango High School and as you can see, she is absolutely gorgeous! She came in for her model session over her spring break, the day after it had snowed quite a bit in town. Katie has very pretty thick hair, which took a while to dry and curl, but I was so impressed by Hair Fusion (Chelsea specifically), as usual. Chelsea used a straightener to curl Katie’s hair – so cool! By the time her hair and make up was finished, the snow was melting and literally falling out of the trees onto us! It was pretty funny actually. Just picture: Katie posing for her portraits, her mom Janet holding the reflector for me, and myself photographing Katie; while we are all getting snow dumped on our heads, down our clothes, etc – funny, huh?! It was a perfect Colorado day though – everything covered in white and a beautiful blue sunny sky. Katie toughed out the snow and mud in her dress and heels and I love the images we got! We finished in the studio with some fun cowboy hat pictures and I learned that Katie never wears matching socks – which I love because until I met my husband, I didn’t either! Hope you love these!