Hayden is one of our Durango High School Class of 2012 Senior Models and is also the junior class president – impressive, I know. I had the opportunity to photograph his brother, Jake, for his senior portraits this past year and therefore, have been so excited to work with and photograph Hayden. Plus, I’ve also fallen in love with Hayden’s mom, Dana, so I am very excited to continue working with her as well – what a great family! Hayden came in for his model session on a cloudy afternoon during his spring break before lacrosse practice started. We began the session in the studio, then headed outside as it was “kind of” raining while I drug Hayden around in the mud. We ended up shooting on the glider park north of town. Hayden did a great job of picking clothes that would accent his beautiful blue eyes and now I’m on the look out for new blue backgrounds around town to use during his “normal” senior session. I just couldn’t decide between color and black and white on this first studio portrait (I went back and forth too many times too count), so I’m posting both. Hope you love these few of my faves!