We’ve had soooo much fun this summer with our models; photographing them in grouped themed sessions. Earlier in the summer, we photographed 2 paint splatter themed sessions and a mud/water session; and last week, we photographed a “splashing in the rain” session. Jessica, Melanie, Tevan, and Jen were the beautiful models participating in this group. Of course, it wasn’t rainy, at all. It was hot and sunny and my wonderful models showed up in their rain boots and rain coats, ready for whatever I had in mind. I “flooded” the parking lot outside of the studio and had our models jump/splash/run through the puddles. Then, we took turns holding the hose in the air to make it rain. I love the backlit water drops and everyone’s faces as they quickly got soaked, even under their umbrellas. This session made me want to go buy a pair of rain boots for myself – and when it rained this Saturday during a wedding I was photographing, I really wished I had. These images are so fun, that I’ll have to share the rest in the near future, but in the meantime, I hope you love these few of my faves!

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