Aimee is a Class of 2012 Senior at Mancos High School. She came in for her senior portraits last week and we had a blast! Her friend, Morgan, who is considering becoming a photographer herself, was a huge help during Aimee’s session! She got to be my assistant and immediately caught on to how/where to hold the reflector and flash! I was impressed and very grateful! Aimee is gorgeous, as you can see, and has a super fun personality. I loved the outfits she brought and the locations we ended up in. We started downtown – at the local photographer’s favorite spiral staircase (I was talking with another photographer the other day and we were commenting on how amazing it was that we never run into each other there, because we all shoot there!), then headed over to Rotary Park for the train tracks, then hit the road north, headed up toward Durango Mountain Resort. We finished up in a field of daises. Then Aimee was headed back to Mancos for volleyball practice that afternoon (after pancakes at CJ’s Diner). Thanks Aimee for the super fun session and I hope you love these few of my faves!