Rachel Redders
Durango High School


What do you do? (Activies, Sport, Hobbies, Work)
I love playing sports, especially tennis and volleyball! I work at the Henry Strater Theater, which is the best job ever. I am in Leadership LaPlata, and am an officer in my school’s Interact Club.


If you could be a SuperHero? What would your name be and what would be your Superpower?
If I could be a SuperHero, my name would be TripleR (because of my initials!) and my Superpower would be reading people’s minds so I could help them and save lives.


Describe your session to someone that was not at the session. (Best part, funniest moment, coolest location, etc)
My session was fantastic!! We went to a creek/waterfall/forested area that i went to often during my childhood, so it was very special to me. The hike up was a little long but beautiful, and once we got up there we had a great time shooting in the colors and near the water. The best and funniest part of the shoot was when i decided i was up to getting in the FREEZING COLD water! I layed down in the creek and tried my best to keep my composure for some amazing shots 🙂 I loved my shoot!!


What was the best High School moment so far or what are you going to miss most about High School.
I’m going to miss how knit together the community is at the High School. Everyone knows each other, and walking down the hall, you see all the people you love!


What are your future plans after high school?
After High School, I am moving to Minnesota, and I plan on going to college up in Minnesota or Wisconsin. I have my eyes on University of Wisconsin-Madison!!


What would you like others to know about Allison Ragsdale Photography?
I would like others to know that Allison and Matt are very friendly and fun to be around, so sessions are really, really fun and that helps you relax to get the best picture you can, which of course you will get with them because they are so talented!

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