Lauryn Lewis
Durango High School

What do you do? (Activies, Sport, Hobbies, Work)
Rodeo, and work at the Rec Center

If you could be a SuperHero? What would your name be and what would be your Superpower?
If I could be a super hero I would be Spiderwomen. I would help everyone everywhere that needed my help!:)

Describe your session to someone that was not at the session. (Best part, funniest moment, coolest location, etc)
I think we had the best location out of all the senior pictures i have seen someone do!! We went to a nice little field even though the grass was dead I thought it was the perfect place. Behind the grass field was a beautiful mountain that had some colors on it! We also took some pictures among-st many Pine trees. I brought my horse and my dogs and I hope they turn out great!!(and of course they will)

What was the best High School moment so far or what are you going to miss most about High School.
I am going to miss seeing all my friends everyday. I think the best High School moment was when I went to England for 2 weeks. That trip really opened my eyes and made me realize that even though we speak the same language as them it is still such a different culture. It was most defiantly the best trip I have ever been on.

What are your future plans after high school?
My plans for after high school I’m not 100% sure about yet. I would like to look at a couple schools. A school in Arizona, Sterling CO, or Wyoming. But there is a chance I would also stay in Durango.

What would you like others to know about Allison Ragsdale Photography?
I would like people to know that Allison defiantly does the best job! She is nice and a GREAT photographer! Would for sure recommend them to ANYONE!

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