Kyla’s Urban Durango Senior Model Picture Session!

Kyla came in this past weekend for her Class of 2013 Senior Model Session and we had a blast! I loved watching Kyla through my camera lens because she made so many funny faces in between shots. We laughed a lot. We began at Hair Fusion and I learned about waterfall braids since Mary Beth put one in Kyla’s hair – it was so pretty! And I loved the gold tones Mary Beth used in Kyla’s makeup. And wow – what beautiful blue eyes Kyla has! It was a beautifully overcast day and still very warm out – which made for a great shoot. We ran around town using a couple favorite spots that are normally reserved for morning shoots because of the position of the sun but we were able to use on this particular afternoon since it was cloudy. We discovered a ton of new locations along our way, which is great! We even got to use the stairs/doors at St. Columba, which I never get to use when the sun is out. I was pretty excited about the whole thing. I loved Kyla’s outfit choices – the purple dress, the blue lace top, etc. I hope you love these few of my faves and don’t forget to come back for Kyla’s music video!

urban wall senior girl picture

senior girl durango headshot

st. columba doorway senior portrait

purple and green senior picture

rusty wall senior girl portrait

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