Rylie is our one and only Ignacio High School model! She is a Class of 2012 senior at IHS and is absolutely stunning! We photographed her model session on a Friday morning, starting at Hair Fusion, of course, wandering around downtown, then up to the Fort where there was a gorgeous grove of those cherry blossom trees! Rylie had adorable outfits, including a super cute cowgirl hat and boots, which was perfect with those cherry blossoms! Rylie was a natural model – perfect poses – and great at fixing her hair in between shots since the wind was blowing, of course, even in the morning! I know I blog about how windy it has been in every post, but I really don’t remember it being this windy in past springs. And it has snowed twice in May this spring as well. I would love to be able to control the weather for my sessions. But since I can’t, it keeps me on my toes. Back to Rylie – we used the spiral staircase that seems to be a local favorite behind Well Fargo Advisors, then my favorite blue garage door – which is only usable in the morning, so I was super excited about this morning session! Rylie got to skip school for the morning so that she wouldn’t miss track practice in the afternoon. Rylie is in track, but has an injured ankle – from pole vaulting – so impressive! I hope you love these few of my faves!