Kyle is one of our Durango High School Class of 2012 Senior Models and he came in EARLY Saturday morning for his session – which I really appreciate. Students’ schedules these days are packed full so I am always grateful they take the time to participate in our programs, parties, sessions, etc, etc. Kyle showed up with freshly ironed shirts (thanks mom!) and I am such a fan of his hair – I was really excited to get started! We had an entourage, with myself, my husband, and our intern from Fort Lewis College, Ali, plus Kyle, of course. It was fun to teach my intern while photographing Kyle because it caused me to slow down and think even more about what I was doing and why I was doing it, since I had to explain it. We started in the studio, then headed outside to a few spots I had in mind downtown. As always, we came across a few new backdrops, such as the newly painted bright red doors on the building that used to be Stonehouse Subs – very fun. Kyle was great to work with and photograph – up for everything. We started discussing having our models paint us some new backdrops for a fun group paint session, which Kyle thought was a good idea – and I trust his opinion as he is in theater and has had experience painting backdrops – so stay tuned for those super fun portraits and brand new backdrops! Hope you love these few of my faves of Kyle!