Elizabetha is a Class of 2012 Senior at Durango High School – don’t you just love her name? She has such stunning eyes – I’ve been excited to photograph Elizabetha since I met her for her consultation earlier in the summer. We started at Santa Rita park in the pretty flower garden, sunflowers next to the river trail, and the swings. We had clouds and sunshine intermittently, so we would be hot one moment and cool the next – at least I was. I’m not sure I regulate heat well – I get very cranky when I’m hot. Elizabetha did not get cranky in the heat, which is wonderful! We headed up to Fort Lewis College, more specifically the Lion’s Den, for our next location. We were trying to avoid downtown as it was the weekend of the bike rally and we probably would never have found a parking spot. Elizabetha had this great outfit – red dress and red heels – that went perfectly with the rocks! We found a bottle of bubbles, probably from a wedding the previous day, and I had Elizabetha blow bubbles for a few portraits – I love them! Hope you love these few of my faves!