Donna and Nicole are Class of 2012 Seniors at Durango High School and they came in for their yearbook session together. The afternoon before their session, I was photographing Tevan’s senior portraits (see previous post), and someone started yelling at us from the club house out at Dalton Ranch. At first I assumed we were in trouble for being on the green, but as we got closer, I realized it was Nicole shouting over the distance at us to be heard. We planned Nicole and Donna’s session from across the way. It was perfect timing and what a coincidence, huh?! For their session, we spent the next morning by the river, in the pretty soft overcast light. Nicole and Donna kept each other laughing the whole time, so we got some great huge smiles mixed in with the serious faces. I loved both of their outfits and their willingness to try anything I suggested. The river was a gorgeous green reflection of the trees lining the opposite side and we used one of my favorite trees to lean on. These two only need one image each for the yearbook, but we got so many great images, it could be a difficult choice! I hope you love these few of my faves!