Colin is a Class of 2012 Senior at Durango High School. I have had the opportunity to work with Colin before, as he is part of student council and I meet with them every year for prom. I was very excited for his session! We had originally planned to head to the mountains for Colin’s session. However, it hadn’t yet snowed very much and all the fall leaves had fallen off the trees – so the backgrounds were mostly brown. We decided to go for more industrial backgrounds instead and what a great a session! We started at the Discovery Museum and they let us play around anywhere we wanted. I got to use my off camera flash and radio poppers, which is always so fun. We used the bicycle rack they have out front and that is probably my most favorite shot from this session. I squeezed myself between the bars and shot through them – so cool! We took a few “nature” shots along the river, leaning on a tree, and sitting in the leaves too. We used my other favorite staircase next to Hair Fusion (as opposed to the spiral staircase that is my usual favorite) and it has great brick and rusted aluminum at the top of it. We finished the session in the studio, which I always love to do. I hope you love these few of my faves!