This “friends session” was so much fun to photograph! I got to photograph Raquel, Karli, and Brooke for their senior portrait sessions (and Karli and Raquel are two of my models as well), so I couldn’t wait to photograph them again! And I met Tig last year at one of our model parties, so I was also excited to photograph her! These 4 were hilarious together and had me laughing the whole session. They had so many great and fun ideas for their portraits, including the totem pole portrait. I would never normally pose anyone in this formation as it goes against everything I was taught in terms of posing, but I had to share it because they are so cute together. They jumped off benches, had a snowball fight, danced, threw leaves, rode in a toboggan, took piggy back rides, hung from a tree, etc, etc. This is such a great group of seniors – I am always so impressed by them and I feel truly honored to document this part of their lives and their friendship. I hope you love these few of my faves!