We photographed Beth, one of our beautiful Class of 2013 DHS Models, this past Saturday, while it was dumping snow! It was so fun and I love the images we got so much; but it was so cold! It really was perfect though, because Beth had really been hoping that it would be snowing – and it was! I would like to take credit, but as much as I wish I could control the weather, I just can’t. We started at Hair Fusion and it was barely snowing at the beginning of hair and make up. By the time we were ready to start shooting, it was coming down pretty good. So, we got a little wet – but it was so worth it, don’t you think? I hardly ever get to actually shoot while it’s snowing, so this presented a unique and challenging situation. I kept fogging up my viewfinder and we used the reflector as a an actual umbrella in an attempt to keep Beth dry more than we used it to supplement the natural light. We finished in the studio and Beth had totally different curls at the end than she had started with – which was kind of fun. Beth was really great to work with and photograph. She didn’t complain about the wet or cold at all and gave me a lot of different looks to work with. Matt shot video for Beth’s model session and I can’t wait to share the fusion music video with you! It’s going to look so cool with all that snow coming down! Stay tuned and I hope you love these few of my faves!

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/KPTjnfVFZis” title=”Durango%20Senior%20Photography” width=”700″ fs=”1″ rel=”0″]