Danielle and Shannon are Bayfield High School Class of 2012 seniors. They did their 2 for 1 session together, which was so much fun! For those of you splitting sessions this September, you do not have to do your sessions together at the same time, but you can. Hurry in as the 2 for 1 special only goes through the end of the month! It was a fairly chilly morning when we started Danielle and Shannon’s session. It wasn’t raining but it was cloudy and a bit windy. It warmed up a little as the session went on, but not enough to not need a coat. Shannon was nice enough to share her jacket with Danielle and they would take turns wearing it in between shots. We started in Rotary Park, along the river and the train tracks. Probably the funniest part of the session happened as we were walking down the river trail, back toward the car. A nice man on his bike came up behind us and yelled out, “on your left” so that he could pass. Well, we all scattered across the trail in every direction possible. First I couldn’t decide which direction was left, then I couldn’t decide if I needed to go left or right. The man on his bike was extremely impressed with our lack of direction skills. Oh well. Then we headed out to the Nature’s O parking lot, which is my new favorite access point to the river trail. These two girls were tough – traversing the rocky riverside in their dresses and heels – which made for some great portraits! After we hiked back to the car, we made our last stop at my favorite old rock building. I hope you two love your sneak preview and I can’t wait to show you the rest of your portraits!