Emily Muller
Durango High School

What do you do? (Activies, Sport, Hobbies, Work)
Figure skating, dance, theatre, photography, DJ at KDUR, work at Gloss

If you could be a SuperHero? What would your name be and what would be your Superpower?
Super power: invisibility. Can’t think of a good name..

Describe your session to someone that was not at the session. (Best part, funniest moment, coolest location, etc)
My session with Allison was, per usual, fun and light-hearted. We explored an old building (the Newman Building on Main) for part of my session, which was neat because we could really stake out unique places for the photos (like photographing me through a mirror).

What was the best High School moment so far or what are you going to miss most about High School.
I think just making it to senior year is the best feeling, knowing I’m so close to bigger things, but I still have time left in Durango to enjoy my friends and family and everything Durango has to offer. I think I’ll really miss people watching. There are so many different types of people at DHS, and when you know who’s friends with who and who does in their spare time, it gives you a new dynamic to look at them through. I like trying to figure out why people do what they do, especially when you know the people. Plus there’s usually something funny that goes on around campus, and I’ll miss those people who are ridiculous and do things just to get a kick out of people.

What are your future plans after high school?
I will more than likely go to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA to study Digital Media. I really love film, photography, and music, and I’d like to be able to work with the three. While in college I’d like to get into modeling, as well. I’ll probably stay in LA for a while, depending on work.

What would you like others to know about Allison Ragsdale Photography?
Allison always has such creative ideas, and is also open to ideas from whoever she is photographing. I never feel judged or uncomfortable, and I can tell Allison thoroughly enjoys what she does; photography is more than just a business for Allison. She treats her customers well, and like humans instead of consumers.

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