Prom is over… sad but true.  Now what do you do with the Prom Dress?  Well here is how the prom dress thing works from the beginning.

1)  Search for a prom dress

2) Search some more for a dress

3) Ask your friends what they think

4) Go Shopping

5) Buy a dress

6) Wear the dress to prom

7) Hang it up in the closet <—— You are HERE

8) Get the dress back out

9) Call us for a super cool photo shot with your dress and have tons of fun again in the amazing dress (trash the dress if you like)

10) See the pictures on Facebook

11) Let your friends talk about how beautiful you are in the dress (again)

If you have any ideas for a after prom dress photo shot, call us 970-259-9255.  Here are a few ideas and pictures that you will love.

Prom dress in the country

Prom Dress on Bench

Prom Dress in Field

Durango Mountain Resort Prom DressAfter Prom Photos

Prom Dress in Mud

Trash the Prom Dress

Tux in Water