This sneak preview is of another of our fun group model sessions. And this one was hilarious! These 6 girls, Tara, Haley, Bonne, Rachel, Molly, and Aama are not only beautiful but are also really, really funny! I was laughing so hard during the session that my sides hurt. Then, as I was culling the images after the session, I was laughing so hard I was crying! They were such a blast to work with and such great sports. This was a paint splatter group session and I wanted to do this one a little differently than the ones we had done in the past. So, instead of going crazy right away with splattering paint, we started with face painting. We did end up splattering everyone at the end, then the group did some jumping and frolicking pictures – and those are the ones that made me laugh so hard. Frolicking is apparently even more difficult to do without looking silly than jumping. Thanks to all my models and I will be posting the rest of the images to Facebook next week.

paint splatter group model session picturepaint splatter group jumping picturepaint splatter group headshot picture