Sarah is a Class of 2012 Piedra Vista High School Senior and she is also the Class President! I was so excited to photograph her session, as she had come along on Mickayla’s senior session, and they had me laughing the entire time! They are both hilarious and together, they are even funnier. They are total opposites too, which made photographing their sessions great because we photographed in completely different locations for each session. Sarah is a girly girl and a self proclaimed “princess”. We stayed away from the general “outdoors”, starting in the studio, then shooting around downtown Durango. We found a great bicycle we used as a prop and I managed to get a parking ticket as I didn’t give the meter enough money – I got carried away of course, and we stayed longer than planned. We ended the session with Sarah’s mom “making it rain” on Sarah. It is so much more fun to shoot “in the rain” when it isn’t actually raining. It is much warmer that way and we can control the amount of water coming out of the sky. I literally wanted to share this entire session in this blog post because I love every image, but to be fair, I kept it to the usual 5 faves. I hope you love them!