Durango Senior Pictures with Dogs and Bicycles

Emily is another of our awesomely amazing Durango High School Senior Models for the Class of 2014. We did her Durango senior pictures with dogs and bicycles. Emily is an incredibly talented cyclist, so I was thrilled that she wanted to use her bike in her pictures. And her dog is too adorable. Emily has the most beautiful blue eyes, so of course, I was super excited to photograph those! We started in the studio then headed up to Haviland to use the beautiful mountain and lake in the background. The only bad part of the shoot was when I was bitten by a deer or horse fly on the knuckle of my shooting finger and I had such a reaction that my finger and hand swelled up so much that I couldn’t bend my finger! It made shooting the next couple of days difficult, but was totally worth it for the awesome images we got of Emily. Hope you love!

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