Rachel is a Class of 2012 Senior at Durango High School. She came in for her session this past Monday afternoon, after school. She had great outfits, jewelery, and shoes! And I think most of it belonged to her cousins. I know the feeling – whenever I get a positive comment on an article of clothing, it is almost always something I’ve borrowed, not my own. Oh well – my friends and family have good taste! We started Rachel’s session by the river behind the Double Tree, for the scenic part of her session. Then we headed downtown for the “industrial” look. We stopped on the way back to the studio for a beautiful tree and good looking set of stairs, then finished in the studio. Rachel was a blast to work with and as you can see, a true beauty! Love her eyes! I actually received a comment on my Facebook page yesterday about how looking through my images makes it seem like everyone in Durango is beautiful. And I have to agree – everyone I get to photograph is truly beautiful! I hope you love these few of my faves!