Meredithe is a Class of 2012 Bayfield High School senior and we have a couple of things in common. Not only did we both attend BHS, we both worked with a beautiful, wonderful woman named Susie – which we discovered during Meredithe’s session last week. It was fun to reminisce with Meredithe – and my past memories weren’t the only vintage items present at the shoot. Meredithe’s friend owns a ’72 Mercedes Benz, which he let us use for her pictures. Wow. The car looked amazing, as did Meredithe, so together – what a combination! I have been so excited for this session ever since I met with Meredithe back in May – and then even more excited when she told me about her friend’s car! We had a blast! Meredithe is so beautiful, inside and out, and such a pleasure to photograph! We started and ended in the studio, with a cool car in an alley location in between. We found a great fence, a pretty brick wall, and a great “teal” building as well. Meredithe let me put her next to a “don’t worry, be happy” garage door, thanks Meredithe! There are so many senior photos of Meredithe that I love, it was really hard to choose five for her sneak preview, but I hope you love these! I actually wanted to make this sneak preview all Meredithe with cool car pictures, so I think I’ll have to make a separate post for that one. Check back for it!