Megan is a Class of 2012 Durango High School senior. She came in for her senior portrait session last week and we had a blast! She is one of the few I’ve photographed who have been willing to get up early during their summer vacation for their session, so we had great morning light! Not that I blame all the others who want to sleep in – my favorite thing to do is sleep in until I get up on my own without an alarm clock. So, we started out at my fave river trail spot behind Big 5, with beautiful back lit green leaves and Megan’s red hair making a great color combination. Megan is a swimmer so we wanted to incorporate water into her portraits, so we played by the river for a little while. Then we headed up to Fort Lewis College so that we could use the pretty flowers and trees up there. We then headed over to my fave old building by north City Market and then back to the studio. Megan picked such great colors for her portraits and was so easy to work with. Small world (or small town) fact: I grew up with Megan’s cousin, Jessica, and didn’t even put the two together until we started talking about Eagle Block, the company Megan and Jessica’s dad’s (who are brothers) own together. I love those connections! Hope you love these few of my faves!