This session was sooo fun! Lynsey and Emmily, both Class of 2011 Seniors at Durango High School wanted to do their senior portrait session together, so we did. They started at Hair Fusion, getting hair and make up done and they both looked beautiful! Then we headed out to Rotary Park for the classic train tracks and river portraits. Emmily had the idea of being photographed in a pumpkin patch, as it is October and fall. I absolutely loved the idea, so I found a pumpkin patch and the owner was really great and let us come out and photograph all we wanted! Too cute! Then we came back into town and ended up at the studio, after a quick stop for a large bag of cheetos and a few pictures. The girls were so funny making sure their teeth were clean of any orange from the cheetos after they snacked. We got out the fan and blew their hair around for a bit to end the night. Thank you two so much for the super fun session and I hope you love these few of my faves so far!