Katelin is one of our Class of 2011 Models and lives and goes to school in Farmington. We had a blast at her model session so I couldn’t wait to photograph Katelin again for her senior session! She is a dancer and had just gotten back from a dance competition in Florida – what a weather change! It was an overcast day and I was hoping we would find snow if we headed north toward DMR – so that is what we did. Snow never actually fell out of the sky on it’s own, but her dad was a huge help throwing snow in the air above Katelin – and a little bit right at her. Katelin and her family are so much fun and they had me laughing the whole time! One of the biggest jokes of the day had to do with the fact that Katelin brought these amazing zebra heels and we decided it would be safest and smartest to shoot that outfit in the studio. I had suggested that Katelin could hold the shoes in the portraits – not necessarily wear them, which her dad found hilarious – then I noticed her dad was wearing Vibram Five Finger shoes (check them out – they are amazing – I run in mine) and then we decided they needed a portrait taken together with them both holding their respective shoes – just imagine it. Always an adventure, of course, my “assistant” for the day, Jessie Large, had just injured her shoulder, so her arm was in a sling. Somehow she still managed to not only use the reflector effectively for me, but she could put it away one armed! Not an easy task! Hope you love these few of my faves from the day!