Karli is a Class of 2012 Senior at Durango High School, one of our beautiful models, and a runner – among other things, of course. I just had to mention the running part because it’s a huge part of Karli’s life and something I identify with. I’m so busy this time of year, I hardly ever get to squeeze a run in and I miss it! Of course, I’d rather be photographing a client, so I’m not complaining! Click to see Karli’s Model Session sneak preview. The weather was gorgeous the morning of Karli’s session and the fall colors hadn’t yet started to fall from the trees – I’m watching leaves fall off trees like rain at this very moment. We started up at Fort Lewis College because we had a particular morning spot in mind. Then we went down to the river, at Karli’s request. Karli had great outfits and her amazing mom, Val, had great jewelery. We had a blast and I can’t wait to share all of Karli’s portraits with her and her family! I hope you love these few of my faves!