Jordan is a Class of 2011 Senior at Durango High School. She called me to schedule her session the day after the yearbook deadline – so even though these won’t be in the yearbook, I am so excited about her session! She wanted portraits with her horses and I have just been waiting for someone to call with this idea! I love horses – I think they are beautiful – and as you can see, Jordan is absolutely gorgeous as well! Jordan has two mares, at the Fairgrounds, so her boyfriend helped us out with trailering her horses up to Lake Nighthorse for portraits. He was a huge help and it would not have gone near as smoothly as it did without him! We took turns at first, photographing Jordan with one more, then the other, then both. They did great! Then we headed back to town, taking the horses back to the fairgrounds. Jordan and I headed downtown and lucked into another location that I’ve always wanted to shoot in – this was such a dream session! We were photographing outside of this building, where I shoot a lot, and the men doing construction on the building asked if we wanted to use the inside as well – and did I ever! I always look through the windows, wishing I could go in – so this was perfect! Jordan was so great – up for anything! Thanks so much for such an amazing session! I hope you love these few of my faves and I can’t wait to show you the rest!