Jessica is a Class of 2012 Senior at Durango High School. She came in for her session one day after school last week. This was such a fun session! Jessica was really great to work with and she was up for anything. We used some of Durango’s more classic locations, in which I love to shoot, but hardly ever do anymore. I try to take every senior client to at least one new location, if not all new locations. I want everyone to have a completely unique experience and look for their portraits. But Jessica had such a perfect outfit for the Lion’s Den – we just had to use it! And is was WINDY up there! Jessica’s hair was blowing around like crazy! One of my fave images came from there though, so it worked out well. As you know, I love the windblown look. Then we headed over to Santa Rita park for the river. The sun had just gone behind the ridge, which was such perfect timing – we got great soft light from the open shade! Then we went over to the Rec Center as they had some really great landscaping. Lots of colors and textures to play with! Thanks Jessica for such a great session; I hope you love these few of my faves!