Jessica is a Class of 2011 Senior at Durango High School. She was a lot of fun to photograph, even though she claimed she wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera. I couldn’t tell at all – she was so natural. Plus she has such beautiful eyes. We started out along the river, north of 32nd, where Jessica had spent a lot of time over the summer with her friends. She had such good memories of the area that she wanted it in her portraits. We then headed downtown for some cool walls/urban backgrounds. I actually created a new word: “backscapes” during Jessica’s consultation when I was trying to ask her what kind of backgrounds/landscapes she wanted and the word ended coming out combined. So when I looked back over my notes before her session, I couldn’t help but laugh about the list of “backscapes” we had picked. We ended the session back at the studio – first in the alley, then in the studio itself. Fun, fun! Hope you love these!