Curtis is a Durango High School Class of 2012 senior. He came in for his senior session the day after Joe’s senior session (one of his closest friends) (to see Joe’s sneak preview, click on Durango Senior Photographer); after a late night of playing cards with his grandma and Joe. We photographed his session in the afternoon though, so I think he got to sleep in a bit. Not this week though, as Curtis is in soccer tryouts all week. Curtis was so much fun to photograph and he had me laughing the whole session. He has gorgeous blond hair and blue eyes as you can see from these fave-of-mine color portraits, but he also looks amazing in black and white, as you can also see from these few of my faves. I am normally such a fan of the “serious face” and I totally forgot to ask Curtis to do some serious faces as he has such a great smile – so he had to ask me about it! He has a great serious face as well though – wouldn’t you agree? Matt photographed Curtis as well as shot some video, while Melissa (Curtis’s mom) was a super great assistant and held the reflector for us. I can’t wait to share their video with them! Hope you love these too!