Andi is a senior, Class of 2012, at Durango High School. She came in for her session on a Saturday morning, brisk, but not so bad. She had an adorable sweater with a fur hood on, so at least she was warm for the first few shots. We had a blast with Andi! I kept putting her in “awkward pretzel” poses that she made look amazing and Matt kept making fun of me for it. Andi had great clothing options, including cute gold heels, one of which I still have. We started out along the river behind Big 5, then headed downtown for a few brick wall shots. We started spotting other photographers with their clients downtown, and saw a total of 5 different shoots during Andi’s session! It made me happy to see so many people having their portraits made! It’s fall! We went to Rotary Park next and met up with Andi’s mom and her adorable dog, Sophie. This is where we saw the other 4 photographers and Sophie was so interested in all the other sessions going on, she hardly paid any attention to ours. We used the train tracks of course then headed back to the studio. I love Andi’s studio portraits and would have made her sneak preview studio shots only, but we went so many great places outside that I had to share those too. I hope you love these few of my faves!