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Maighan Bielenda
Bayfield high school

What do you do? (Activies, Sport, Hobbies, Work)
Winterguard /colorguard

If you could be a SuperHero? What would your name be and what would be your Superpower?
I would probably like to be spiderman because since I’m short I wouldnt have to reach for things I could just use my webs. My name would be captain maighanspidey

Describe your session to someone that was not at the session. (Best part, funniest moment, coolest location, etc)
We we took pictures in Durango by the river, swinging bridge, studio. It was lots of fun except when I almost walked on a dead squirrel. Funny moment gone bad!!! Lol

What was the best High School moment so far or what are you going to miss most about High School.
I think I will probably miss the teachers the most because they have helped me through the problems that I came here with.

What are your future plans after high school?
Enlist in the national guard and go to school to be a veterinary technician.

What would you like others to know about Allison Ragsdale Photography?
It’s fun. She takes great pictures and her hair styling place is the best place to to get anything done. P.s. i had the best massage ever!!!