We got a phone call from Kids Rock with the opportunity to photograph kids with Santa on Noel Night last week. We love building new relationships and were very excited to work with Kids Rock! There were a few kids who decided against having their portraits taken with Santa (and I completely understand; I was afraid of Santa when I was little too), but for the most part, everyone was very excited to see Santa. He gave out candy canes and listened to wish lists and we got to watch the magic. Kids Rock is such a great store and even though I don’t have kids yet, I wanted to buy everything I saw. I fell in love with a teddy bear that plays peek-a-boo with you and multiple baby outfits. They even have adorable handmade tutu’s – so I may go on a shopping spree soon. Thanks to all the wonderful families who came by on Noel Night and let us photograph your children with Santa!