senior picture of girl playing guitar in long grass in durango parkpicture of dhs senior girl with her sheet music at fort lewis amphitheatersenior portrait with sheet music in durango coloradogirl senior pics with hunger games trilogy in durangohs senior girl photo in purple flowers at fort lewis college

We always post our favorite five images from each session, along with a short paragraph about the session as a sneak preview for our clients. We love sharing the images and thought it was time to share a little bit more about the subject in those images. So, we now have each client fill out a short survey after their session and include the answers with the images in the sneak preview so you can get to know the person in these images. I can’t resist sharing a little bit of my personal take on the session as well, so here goes:

Hattie has truly been an inspiration to work with and photograph. She brings so much more to the session than cute clothes (which she does bring as well). I love her personality and I loved the props she brought that made the session truly and uniquely hers. Here’s what she had to say:

Hattie Dahlberg

Durango High School


What do you do? (Activies, Sport, Hobbies, Work)

Theatre with Theatre Troup 1096. Singing, playing guitar. Encore (showchoir with Durango Performing Arts Company) I’m an all around theatre and music nerd.


If you could be a SuperHero? What would your name be and what would be your Superpower?

If I was a superhero I would have the ability to fly and my name would Fly Girl (that’s my nickname from when I was younger)


Describe your session to someone that was not at the session. (Best part, funniest moment, coolest location, etc)

My session was awesome! Allison is such a fun person to take pictures with, she makes sure that you never feel uncomfortable and are always having fun. The best part would have to be the pictures with the sheet music because it was such a cool idea that we came up with that I haven’t seen anyone else do and the pictures really showcased my personality and who i am.


What was the best High School moment so far or what are you going to miss most about High School.

The best high school moment so far for me was when I had my first call back in the musical Footloose as a sophmore. Getting a callback as a sophmore was very rare so I felt extremely accomplished and honored that I was given the opportunity. Footloose was also my favorite high school show that I’ve done. I’m going to miss my Theatre Troup 1096 and the family we have there and my best friend Emma Buchanan. Emma’s a sophmore this year and I will miss her so much its insane when I leave.


What are your future plans after high school?

At the moment I have none! But I do know that I will be going into performing arts for a career.


What would you like others to know what Allison Ragsdale Photography?

That if you need to take any pictures go to Allison Ragsdale Photography, she truely is the best! You won’t ever regret picking them.


Hope you love these few of my favorite images from Hattie’s senior portrait session!