Baby’s First Year
All the milestones in one easy plan


Let’s schedule a free consultation and we can begin to plan! Each session is personalized and we want to answer all of your questions.


If history tells us anything, it’s that people who have a plan are more successful than those who don’t. We will walk you through our 7-step process to perfect portraits.


Adorn your walls, create an album, and send out prints to your friends and family. Display your pictures anywhere to be reminded of how beautiful your life is.

First Year Plans Starting at $1000 (Album included)

The first year of a newborn babies life is full of so much joy and laughter for parents.  It is an exciting time full of big changes and amazing growth as a family.  From day one, you will have the camera out, hoping to document every single moment of your precious baby’s life.  From baby’s first car ride to the first bite of food; your camera (or phone camera) will become a permanent fixture in the day to day.

The Plan…

We get it, the first year is full of joy, but it is also a whirlwind of changes and flies by before you know it.  It is hard to get the best photos of your child at their best moments in the perfect light using the best equipment possible.  There are feedings and naps and diaper changes that seem to get in the way.  They are growing by the day, and you want to make sure that you are capturing it all.  That is why we came up with the 1 Year Baby Album Package: the ultimate culmination of your baby’s first-year milestones.


4 Months

8 Months

1 Year


In a single moment, your life became infinitely full and joyous.  A newborn baby is a wonder to behold, and we want to capture your baby in this moment.  We recommend newborn photos be taken within the first 10 days of birth if possible.  Your baby will be sleeping most of the time and are not easily bothered by different poses.  When a newborn comes home, the crib becomes the centerpiece of your life.  Because of this, we recommend a 20×30 horizontal art print to claim the wall space above the crib

Recommended Product: 20X30 Crib size horizontal decor mount

4 Month Milestone

At 4 months, your baby will be making fun expressions along with strengthening their neck muscles.  This is a perfect time to capture all the new faces they will surely be making along with detail shots of their tiny toes and fingers.  This stage is great for our 9 image package that includes 9 detailed images that show off your baby’s cutest features.  The 9 images are displayed on either a 20×20 or 30×30 decor mount.

Recommended Product:  20×20 or 30×30 decor mount with 9 images

8 Month Milestone

At 8 months, your baby will be very playful and working to sit up on their own.  This is a new (and more vertical) adventure that is best captured on photos that show this change.  We like to highlight this time of growth and adventure with 3 images on a 10×30 frame.

Recommended Product: 10×30 vertical frame with 3 images

One Year Milestone

You made it a year and it is time to party!  Celebrate your baby’s first year with a photo shoot of their first birthday.  It’s so fun for you and your baby to have a cake smash party, and we will be there to capture their joy and excitement.  This is also a fantastic time to include a full family portrait.  We offer a 20×24 art piece to show this special day.

Recommended Product:  20×24 decor mount

Free Maternity Session for the Album

We know that there is a lot to think about when a new born baby comes, but it all goes by quickly and you will want to remember it all as the years go by. As we have found the first year Baby Album to be a perfect way to remember the first year, we want to make sure you have plenty of photos to fill it with. Book your baby album early (before baby comes that is) and we will schedule a maternity portrait session with you at NO ADDITIONAL COST. This is our gift to you because we want to make sure you have a beautiful record of you and your growing family’s first year that you can cherish forever.

Recommended Product:  20×24 decor mount


The Baby Album

After the one year birthday shoot, we will be able to compile all of your favorite moments for you from the past year into a high quality bound or unbound album.  We want to ensure that you have something beautiful to show all your friends and family and to cherish forever.

We have been taking professional baby portraits for a very long time, and have found this plan to be the best way to capture and preserve your child’s first year.  The first-year plan ensures that you will have high-quality portraits printed on durable materials that will last a lifetime.  Cherished memories put together in an album along with prints of every phase of your child’s first year that can be used to decorate your nursery or displayed in other parts of your home.

These are some of the most memorable and precious phases in the year of a newborn.  While a thousand iPhone photos can capture the day to day moments and their “firsts”; with our  1 Year Baby Album Package you can ensure you will have beautiful portrait prints that won’t fade with the sands of time (or disappear when the phone gets wet) that mark how your child grows and changes throughout their first year.

Achieve perfect baby portraits in 7 easy steps!

Our 7-step process to perfect portraits will guarantee portraits that you’ll fall in love with. Only at Allison Ragsdale Photography will you experience a unique photo shoot that has even the most “un-photogenic*” baby feeling at ease in front of the camera.  LOL

*Allison Ragsdale Photography believes everyone is photogenic. All babies are beautiful.

7 step process to perfect baby portraits


(n). the act of making a dream a reality. 

First things first – we’ll get together to plan your session. This plan will include your session location(s), props, outfits/style and how you might want to display your portraits. The planning step is crucial and the easiest way to avoid bad portraits. You will leave our studio confident in knowing exactly where you’re going, what everyone is wearing, and that we will be telling your story.

Portrait Session.

Since we have already planned the entire session, you won’t feel unprepared, or nervous during the photo shoot. Believe it or not, you’ll actually enjoy the experience; 99.999% of our clients have fun on their sessions! Our team has done this a thousand times. You won’t even realize we will be guiding you to get completely natural moments and you will love the way you look.

Still a little skeptical? Don’t be. (Because Photoshop)

All portraits are professionally edited so they look perfect before you view them.  This is an important step along the way. Don’t be tricked by studios that don’t edit their photos before they are presented to you.  Seeing your edited photos shows you a more accurate depiction of the final photo.  This is critical when it comes to the next step and removes the guess work…

Customize your order – in person.

We will get together after the photo shoot and go through the photos you love the most.

Once we have helped you pick your favorites, we will talk through where to best to display your portraits in your home and help you pick the best size and style of wall art for your space.  We understand that purchasing and arranging art isn’t something you do everyday and it may even feel a little daunting. The good news is that arranging portraits IS something we do every day and we would love to answer any of your questions and share with you what we’ve learned over the years. We would also love to show you all of the other various options that enhance your order like albums, books, cards, prints, etc. You will be blown away when you see what we can create together.

Attention to detail.

Now that we have your favorite photos picked out, we’ll send your photos back to our Photoshop wizard for retouch to remove any imperfections. So don’t worry out about the little things, like the wind in your baby’s hair LOL. We know exactly how to remove any nonpermanent imperfections to make skin look flawless but not plastic. You won’t even realize Photoshop has been applied to your baby’s skin because they will just looks like your natural, beautiful self.

Professional printing.

Your portraits aren’t just any old photos you can get printed anywhere. We send your photos to our lab that specializes in professionally printing portraits. Your products will be archival (meaning they will last forever) and are guaranteed to be individually hand printed and quality checked. Our lab are masters in printing on a variety of materials, which is crucial as you have a variety of print and display options for your portraits.  These prints reflect the beautiful parts of your life and our goal is for you to leave our studio with a high-quality, finished product

Special Delivery!

We will get together to deliver your portraits that will last a lifetime (and then some!) We can have your portraits shipped directly to you if that’s the most convenient option or if you don’t live in the area. Other options include scheduling a pick up at our studio or we can even come hang your portraits on your walls for you!

We promise that you’ll be just as excited about your portraits the day you pick them up as you will be many years later, after countless compliments from your friends and family.

Rest assured, we will back all of your decisions and guarantee that if you decide the style or size is wrong; you can bring your portrait back and we will reprint it to perfectly match your home.  Our ultimate goal is to make sure you are 100% happy with your photos, forever.   

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