Brenden is a Class of 2012 Senior at Bayfield High School. If you’ve read the last couple of blog posts, you’ll notice a pattern of BHS seniors coming in lately. Their yearbook deadline is tomorrow, October 14th, so they’ve been making sure to hit that date. I had 4 in a row last week! Brenden was the last of the 4, coming in the afternoon before the day it snowed. I know I keep referring to “the day it snowed” but that is because I am still so shocked it snowed so early this year. The weather is messing with my session schedule. Anyway, Brenden’s session was a blast! We started along the river, as Brenden is an avid fisherman. We happened to stroll by a few wall mural fish that we just had to use in some portraits. We used the hanging bridge and then walked over to Rotary Park along the river trail. We witnessed a near miss of the train and another photographer – it was so scary! They were out in the middle of the trestle bridge when the train came through and they didn’t have enough time to get off the bridge! So, we photographed a few shots of Brenden with the train coming through the trestle in the background, as that other photographer and her client hung on the sides of the bridge! Again, always an adventure! We finished the session up at the Lion’s Den, with Brenden’s dad giving us a historic narrative. I hope you love these few of my faves!