July 3rd | Alex and Davis’s Wedding at Silverpick Lodge Durango Colorado

_DSC0928 Table setting at Durango Wedding _DSC0995 _DSC1014 _DSC1022 _DSC1047 _DSC1093 _DSC1130 _DSC1284 _DSC1321 _DSC1335 _DSC1355 _DSC1378 _DSC1406 _DSC1500 _DSC1541 _DSC1633 _DSC1656 _DSC1664 _DSC1685 _DSC1701 _DSC1804 _DSC1828 _DSC2055 _DSC2162 _DSC2194 Durango Wedding Photographer Allison Ragsdale Picture of Alex and Davis _DSC2515 _DSC2523 _DSC2549 _DSC2551 _DSC2563 _DSC2576 _DSC2594 _DSC5173 _DSC5234 _DSC5260 _DSC5268 _DSC5274 _DSC5275 First Look Durango Colorado Wedding _DSC5295 _DSC5312 _DSC5347 _DSC5439 _DSC5445 _DSC5454 April's Garden Wedding Flowers by Allison Ragsdale Photography _DSC5474 _DSC5514 _DSC5528 _DSC5675 _DSC5694 DSC_3044 DSC_3120 DSC_3163 DSC_3183 April's Garden Flowers DSC_3269 Silver Pick Lodge Wedding DSC_3348 DSC_3417 DSC_3442 Durango Wedding Picture by Allison Ragsdale DSC_3505 Durango Wedding Photography Silver Pick Lodge DSC_3511 Wedding in Durango Colorado at Silver Pick DSC_3522 DSC_3582 DSC_3679