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As promised, this is the “Details” blog post as referenced in the first blog post about Chrissy and Kevin’s wedding. In case you haven’t read that one, Chrissy and Kevin were married at Animas Valley Sleeping Beauty Ranch on June 9, 2012. It was a perfect wedding and the details that Chrissy and Kevin put into it made it even better (yes, it’s possible that their details made it better than perfect). As I mentioned in that original blog post, Chrissy’s dress was simply stunning. I told her that if I was to get married again (to my husband of course), I would want my dress to be exactly like hers. Matt and I actually talk all the time about how much we would love to have another wedding because we had such a great time at our own. So he suggests that we get divorced so we can get married again – I think we can just renew our vows. Anyway, back to Chrissy and Kevin. Their rings were great too and Chrissy’s fingers are so small I couldn’t set up the rings like I normally would. I had to get a bit more creative, which was nice. Both Chrissy and Kevin were wearing classic Durango footwear (and the wedding party had matching footwear too). This was unique because everyone was still wearing their shoes at the end of the night since they were so comfortable (instead of trading in the high heels for flip flops or going barefoot). The rope laying in the grass was the rope used in the climbing rope ceremony that I wrote about in this blog post. Chrissy and Kevin are going to have it made into a rug. So cool. The crazy looking tower thing is Raguolis, a Lithuanian Wedding Cake. There were a few Lithuanian traditions that made this wedding so cool to be a part of. The cupcakes were incredible (I did eat one) and the bride and groom figures rope climbing the cupcake tower were really cool. The cake toppers were perfect because the bride looked just like Chrissy (well, the hair part anyway). Chrissy and Kevin had a fingerprint tree instead of a traditional signature book for their guests and I loved the name and date spelled out in scrabble letters.

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