Finally, here are a few images of our finished work from the studio remodel! We worked on this for over a month! The initial phase only took 1 week, which included knocking out 2 walls, tearing up carpet and putting down hard wood floors, painting, new electrical work, new doors, installing our new projection system, moving in furniture, installing our new backdrop system, etc! Then we had to wait on my desk and our brand new lights and light hanging system. Everything seemed to be backordered and it snowed a few times which slowed down our shipping. So, we finally received almost everything and spent last weekend installing our lights – so cool! We invested in Westcott’s spiderlites and I LOVE them! We purchased a track system to hang our lights so they hang from the ceiling – no more light stands to trip over – with scissors so they pull up and down easily. I am just so excited! Stay tuned for images with our new lights and come by to check out the remodel in person! Thanks to everyone who has complimented us – our space has been called gorgeous from everyone who has seen it so far – so come check it out!