I am so excited about prom and working with the juniors on student council! We met this morning and they are so fun! We have a bunch of mini portrait sessions scheduled for next Thursday evening, the 26th and I can’t wait! The girls are bringing dresses and the one gentlemen in student council is dressing up as well – maybe bringing some more guys with him – but it’ll be a lot of fun to photograph him with all the girls! I’m thinking of so many ideas right now – I better write them down so I don’t forget. You want to know something funny? I sometimes draw poses I like so I don’t forget to do them during a session -and I can’t draw at all -so my drawings are of stick figures with an extra long arm or leg here and there – I’ll upload one sometime so you can get the visual – but it works well for me, as you can see. Stay tuned for images from this session! They’re gonna be good!