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Our tagline is, “Because those once in a lifetime moments are that important”. And that is so true. We want you to use a professional portrait photographer, hopefully us, to capture your once in a lifetime moments because we know how important they are and we want to make sure they are captured creatively, beautifully, and at the highest quality possible. We want your maternity, you newborn, your one year old’s portraits, your family portraits, your high school senior portraits, your wedding portraits to be perfect. However, we also want to capture your every day moments, which are once in a lifetime moments too. We want to capture those picnics in the park, those summer days spent on the river, the relationships you cherish between the wedding and the maternity portraits. You can, and should, have portraits taken in your thirties/forties/fifties, after you’ve been married a while, and you don’t have kids (or you do have kids, but they’re out of the house, or your pets are your kids, etc)! The portraits above are from an engagement session, but you can have portraits like that too – or yours can be totally different.

I belong to the Durango Business Women’s Idea Exchange (a group of women who meet monthly, the 2nd Friday of each month, to exchange ideas) and at the last meeting, this idea of “just because portraits” was brought to my attention. There doesn’t need to be a big event to have your portrait made. The ordinary moments are beautiful too and should be captured as well. So, I wanted to invite all of you, who want portraits taken, but don’t have a “once in a lifetime moment” coming up in the near future, to come into the studio to talk about having your portraits taken! We can photograph your session anywhere – along the river, ON the river, in the mountains, at your home, etc, etc. RIGHT NOW is a perfect time to have your portrait photographed!